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“Sonic Combine” AKA “The Robert  Rauschenberg Studio House Band” is known for Its artful assemblage of music and noise.


In concert, the trio performs on Custom Audio Sculptures, Synthesizers, World Flutes, Electronic Wind Instruments, and Theremin. 


Their rational motif is strongly informed by Rauschenberg’s combine concept, that strives to make Art that eludes definition and conceptual limits.


Performing in the space between Art and Life, the ensemble happily acknowledges their friend, and former performing member  Bob Rauschenberg, as a major influence in their work.   Within this motive the trio performs with great dynamic range and supple technical expertise.


Through their years of work, friendship and travel with Rauschenberg, they met and worked with countless visionaries of the Art World, including major influencers John Cage and Merce Cunningham. 


The trio consists of long-time friends, Lawrence Voytek, Kat Epple, and Laurence Getford, each of whom are highly regarded artists and musicians in their own right.  Together, they create an abstract sound that is not always musical, sometimes discordant, regularly beautiful, often powerful, and truly interesting. 


Sonic Combine in concert at The Bob Rauschenberg Gallery 2019

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